Fairlee Hotel

The Fairlee Motel and Drive-in Theater is one of only two motel/drive-in combinations in the country. It is also the oldest. The Fairlee Motel is a small one-story, park-in-front-of-your-room, motel. It’s rooms sit between Vermont’s scenic route 5 and the still operating Fairlee Drive-in.

Room Amenities

  • Each room at the motel has a private bathroom with shower. Other amenities in each room include:
  • TVs with Satellite Reception from Dish Network™
  • Clock Radio with Alarm
  • Telephone with Voice Messaging
  • Refrigerator
  • Microwave
  • Keurig® Coffee Maker
  • Rear window with view of the Fairlee Drive-in
  • Drive-in snackbar food available to motel guests in-season (May-September)

So enjoy our renovated, clean and comfortable rooms while experiencing a bit of nostalgia on your next trip to Vermont!

Call 603-272-5008 for Reservations or information about our Motel.

Motel Policies

Rates & Check-in Times
Room rates depend on the time of year, number of guests, and length of stay. We charge by the person and by the bed. Because we’re a small motel, we tend to fill up early; so please call for availability and pricing. Also, keep in mind that we are not a chain motel, but rather a ‘mom-and-pop’ business: there is no one waiting in the office to check you in, so check-in must be pre-arranged. Call us the morning of your reservation so a check-in time can be arranged. While we are usually either cleaning rooms at the motel or working at the drive-in, we could also be out doing errands or at the farm. As we like to say, ‘we have a very small motel and a very large farm’ (thunderridgeranchllc.com)

Non-Cancellable Reservations
Due to our rural location we have little drive-by traffic and are primarily a ‘destination motel’, meaning that our reservations are event driven. Our guests book their rooms early on and rarely last minute. Because of this, and the small number of rooms that we rent, all reservations are prepaid and are non-cancellable. So please be sure of your reservation before you make it.

Registered Guests Only
Our rooms are for registered guests only. You are not permitted to accept visitors, and only the names listed on your reservation form will be allowed in the room. Please remember that all our rooms are non-smoking, per Vermont state law.

To Reach a Guest at the Motel
To reach a guest at the motel, please call the Motel’s phone 802-333-9192, then the room number of the guest.

Motel Check-Out
Check out time for your room is 11am. Please leave your room key on the dresser and open your front window drapes so we’ll know you’ve left and can clean your room.

Motel Office
We are rarely in the office and messages left on the motel phone 802-333-9192 are only picked up once a day.
To reach us for questions, reservations, check-ins or help please call our cell 603-272-5008. Please do not call before 9am or after 9pm. For emergencies, you may call anytime.
We are also unable to guarantee a timely response to your e-mails. Phone is the best way to reach us, 603-272-5008 for reservations and general info, or  603-667-1194 for drive-in questions.

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