Policy- Admission

Fairlee Drive-In Theater, Fairlee Vt
•Adults (12 Years Old & Above) – $10
•Children (5-11 Years Old) – $6
•Children Below Five Years Old – Free (please remember that the ticket booth only takes cash, we do not accept credit cards or checks)
In order for everyone to have a safe and enjoyable experience at the Fairlee Drive-In, we ask our visitors to observe our rules. Thank you!
Car lights: you must be able to use your radio w/your car lights off (no parking/brake/headlights)
Cameras: federal law prohibits pictures/videos taken of the movie
Parking: large trucks / vans / roof racks: back row only
Cars only section: front right (yellow speaker poles) otherwise, cars/pickups/suvs can park where you like.
(remember to tie down back hatches to be level with roof, ties available at snack truck and ticket booth)
no speeding
no re-admissions
no vehicle lights on during movie
no alcohol/drugs
no loud or disruptive music
no cooking/fires
no drop-offs or walk-ins
no honking
no dogs out of their vehicle
no refunds
no checks/credit cards.
(violation of any rule will result in immediate removal from the drive-in w/no refund of admission)

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